Knowledge is Protection

At Digital Reconnaissance we believe in unveiling the truth to ensure that businesses and assets are protected.

We utilise the latest technology to facilitate a unique search across both the dark and surface web to provide a picture of an individual’s online footprint. We work with Recruitment Consultants, HR Directors, Business Owners, Insolvency Practitioners and individuals to give them the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

HR & Recruitment

Protect Your Business
Our online reputation and social media screening can reveal any potential inappropriate, offensive or illegal behaviour that could compromise the finance, culture and reputation of a company. By knowing the truth you can protect your business. Find out more, or download our free guide to recruiting.


What Are They Hiding?
Our online asset search looks for any evidence that links a person to the buying or selling of current or recent assets. This can be a necessary part of the insolvency process and our unique algorithm makes the search quick and cost effective. Find out more.


Know the Truth
What does your online footprint say about you? As more and more businesses are beginning to run online searches to find out if employees, both current and potential, might be hiding something, do you worry what someone could find out about you? Find out more.