About Us

At Digital Reconnaissance we believe in unveiling the truth to ensure that businesses and assets are protected.

We utilise the latest technology to facilitate a unique search across both the dark and surface web to provide a picture of an individual’s online footprint. We work with Recruitment Consultants, HR Directors, Business Owners, Insolvency Practitioners and individuals to give them the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

This isn’t about pointing a finger or making unfair judgements. We do checks across the whole of the online world to reveal the true nature of a person, exposing any potentially inappropriate, offensive or illegal behaviour that could compromise the finance, culture and reputation of a business.

Unless we find strictly illegal behavior that we feel we must report to the police, you will be given an unbiased report that lists all of our relevant findings. We then leave it up to you as the decision maker to choose the best way forward.

We are not here to simply dig around in someone’s past. Our checks are there to ensure that you have any necessary knowledge on the people you’re dealing with to protect your business.

How does this differ to official searches like a DBS check?

A DBS check will only flag something up if the individual has been caught. Our searches can find any potential wrongdoing that might be happening off the radar, like on the dark web, where the individual might not yet have had their actions exposed.

It’s unlikely that we will reveal anything illegal. In the majority of cases, the person you are looking into or interviewing is exactly as they seem. However, there have been several cases where we have uncovered inappropriate or offensive comments or activity, and there have been a few occasions where we have unveiled what we call ‘red flag’ behaviour that is either potentially illegal or very offensive. Isn’t it best to know? Knowledge, after all, is protection.

Is this Legal?

Digital Reconnaissance is 100% GDPR compliant. We don’t begin any recruitment or individual checks without signed consent from the individual we’re searching on. They have to know about this and agree to it first. Please see our data protection policy for more information.

The only exception to the consent form is in the case of insolvency where an asset check is being done. Because this has legal implications in itself, this is treated in a separate manner.

All our activities have been legally checked. We do not pry into an individual’s life further than to search through information that is freely available. We don’t hack emails and we don’t spread or add to any information we find. Our job isn’t to make recommendations. We are here to present the facts so you can make proper informed decisions yourself.

Can’t I Do the Check Myself?

Our platform uses a sophisticated algorithm that searches all areas of the web very quickly picking up on certain footprints that might not be accessible without the right knowledge. We can also review years of data across all social media platforms in a more automated way, whereas manually this could take you days or even weeks.

We find that many people have never seen the dark web, nor would they know how to access it. The dark web cannot be accessed by a standard browser. Because of the nature of it, it could mean you leave your own or your company’s systems quite vulnerable. Our checks will save you time, hassle and risk, and they are very cost effective.

The Team

Digital Reconnaissance has been created through ideas borne out of our partner company CyberQ Group. A well-established firm in the Cyber Security market and winners of several awards, CyberQ began to create an automated process to assist recruiters in hiring the right people.

The team believes that social media activity and online behaviour is now such a part of daily life that it is becoming imperative for companies to be aware of how their potential employees are behaving before they make the mistake of hiring them and regretting it later.

Find out more on the Our Team page.