Online Employee Reference Checks

What is an online employee reference check?

An online reference check looks at the current and past online activity of potential or existing employees and contractors.


Protect your business

What’s included

Social media and forums

  • Social media and forum activity including extreme views

  • Secondary/false personas

  • Inappropriate comments and behaviour

  • Adverse media coverage

Security breaches/fraudulent activity

  • Visibility and security assessment

  • Actual/potential security breaches

Dark web and illegal activity

  • Surface web, dark web, and deep web activity

  • Illegal activity

The benefits

  • Affordable per person reference checks 

  • Improve your recruitment process and reduce risk 

  • Confirm the quality of candidates and employees

  • Make informed, accountable decisions

  • Protect clients and colleagues

  • Easy to interpret reporting

Know your staff. Reduce your risk. Protect your business.

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