Protect Your Business

Our online reputation and social media screening can reveal any potential inappropriate, offensive or illegal behaviour that could compromise the finance, culture and reputation of a company. By knowing the truth you can protect your business.

When you hire a person and they start working for you they represent your company. You wouldn’t hire someone without meeting them first. But how much can you really find out about someone in an interview? We utilise the latest technology to facilitate a unique search across both the dark and surface web to provide a picture of an individual’s online footprint.

Although it is highly unlikely that any negative activity will be flagged up, there have been occasions where we have unveiled very offensive or illegal behaviour that could have compromised the reputation of a company if it had been later revealed. Wouldn’t you want to know in advance if your employees had anything potentially damaging to hide?

This isn’t about pointing fingers or assigning blame. We will simply provide an unbiased report to allow you to make your own mind up about whether that individual is right for your company or not.

The benefits

  • Affordable per person reference checks 

  • Improve your recruitment process and reduce risk 

  • Confirm the quality of candidates and employees

  • Make informed, accountable decisions

  • Protect clients and colleagues

  • Easy to interpret reporting

Contact us to request a check on your candidates or employees or to find out more about the process and how it could benefit you.