What else can we tell you about our Insolvency Asset checks?


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Absolutely not. There isn’t any part of our search that involves snooping on someone’s
emails, messages, or IP addresses. Everything we find is information already in the
public domain and would be available to anyone with the requisite knowledge and
time to spend looking for it.

Our aim is to provide you with as much potentially useful information as possible in your investigation. There will undoubtedly be dead ends amongst the information provided that don’t uncover any assets of which you weren’t aware. However, it only takes one piece of information that could be of interest to make the search worthwhile and the cost outlay recouped many times over.

No. Unlike our employee reference searches, we do not inform the individual about the search we are undertaking. When we check online profiles, we do so anonymously so that there is no indication that Digital Reconnaissance are involved. Alerting the individual may compromise your investigation into their assets.

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