Insolvency Asset Checks

What is an Insolvency Asset check?

An online asset search looking at any evidence that links a person to the buying or selling of current or recent assets


Protect your business

What’s included

Social media

  • Social media activity that could include asset information

  • Comments or posts about buying selling of key assets such as cars or property

  • Secondary/false personas that could lead to additional asset information

  • Any relevant media coverage

Dark web and illegal activity

  • Dark web, and deep web activity that may indicate trading or asset disposal

  • Any detected Illegal activity

The benefits

  • Improve the quality of your insolvency investigation

  • Reduce your investigation time

  • Discount any routes to assets that are not relevant

  • Affordable per person asset checks

  • Make informed, accountable decisions

Know your staff. Reduce your risk. Protect your business.

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