What Are They Hiding? 

Our online asset search looks for any evidence that links a person to the buying or selling of current or recent assets. This can be a necessary part of the insolvency process and our unique algorithm makes the search quick and cost effective.

You might already do this job yourself to some extent. However, the information you gather might not always be that conclusive due to how manual the task ends up being, and it can often take a huge amount of time. Our quick and easy method will give you fast and far more reliable results.

We will also be able to search the dark web, whereas you might not have the knowledge or equipment to allow you to do that.

The benefits

  • Improve the quality of your insolvency investigation

  • Reduce your investigation time

  • Discount any routes to assets that are not relevant

  • Affordable per person asset checks

  • Make informed, accountable decisions

Contact us to request an asset check or to find out more about the process and how it could benefit you.