What’s included

An insolvency asset check includes:


Protect your business

Social media activity

Almost everyone now is on social media and most spend some time each day reviewing or posting new comments or photographs.


People tend to brag on social media and they also let their guard down. This is perfect for tracking down clues as to their spending habits or any assets they may have recently acquired or disposed of.

Secondary and false personas are common and these can lead to key additional information

Dark web and illegal activity

Though it is not illegal to access the dark web, it is common to use it for anonymous trading.


Trading on the dark web is frequently for either illegal goods or to buy or sell assets without highlighting any relevant authorities.
Often people will leave a trail to a profile or email address used elsewhere which can lead anyone searching to discover their illegal trading.

Companies House information

An open site that anyone can access. However, time to amass the relevant information can be considerable.


Investigating each company linked to an individual and the track record of each company’s profit or assets can take some time.
Seeing a trend of a company in which an individual has a controlling interest can tell an interesting story.
Links can also be found to additional companies, perhaps even in different names, of which you were not aware.

Land Registry information

At your request we can access the publicly accessible site to check what information is held about the ownership of a property.


This can confirm or deny suspicions of any additional properties to help in your investigation of assets for an individual.


The report will contain the relevant posts, links and information that could potentially be relevant to an insolvency check. As such they may indicate ownership, purchase or sale of potential assets.
There may be no indication that these assets have been acquired or disposed of in any inappropriate or illegal manner. If this is evident then we will highlight as such but awareness of assets is the purpose of the report.


The 2 ratings on the report are as follows:-
Online financial rating – shows the comparative findings of assets as follows:-

  • Red – Clear evidence of assets that are worth investigating and showing that purchase or sale may be inappropriate or illegal.
  • Amber – Evidence of assets worth investigating but there is no indication of illegal or inappropriate activity.
  • Green – No specific assets that are worth investigating have been identified

Online presence rating – shows the extent of an individual’s presence online
This is rated 1-10 where 10 shows significant evidence and 1 would show almost nothing. This can demonstrate in line with the financial rating how public or private and individual is with regard to their life and their willingness to share or comment in the public eye.

To see our FAQs page for more information about Insolvency Asset Checks, click here.