What’s included

A reference search includes:


Protect your business

Social media  and forum activity

Posting on social media is common place for many… it’s also an easy place to hide or create a secondary persona.


Check for potentially inappropriate comments, behaviour, or photographs across all social media platforms

Secondary and/or false accounts and personas

Adverse media coverage

Security profile

How security conscious is an individual? Do they always use the same passwords, could they inadvertently put your data at risk?


Check the strength of an individual’s online security. ie does the individual use strong or weak passwords; do they have a casual approach to online security; are they at a high risk of identity theft/hacking.

Such activity could highlight a training need.

Dark web and illegal activity

For many people, they have no idea about the dark web or how to access it, but some people do. Why?


Activity such as registering, buying, selling, or commenting on forums linked to a specific interest.

Whilst most interests are legitimate, forums where illegal activity is conducted are common and often accessed on the dark and deep web

Online presence

For most people going online is part of daily life but when does it be come more than just normal behaviour?


A rating from 1-10 illustrates the extent to which an individual is active online.

Neither a low nor high rating would necessarily constitute an issue, but ‘the why’ may be something to think about


As easy to interpret (red amber, green) report is produced taking into consideration all elements of the search. It provides an overall view into suitability for employment/engagement within a specific role.


A Green rating means nothing has been found online to suggest the individual is unsuitable

An Amber rating does not necessarily suggest there is an issue, but there are findings that a recruiter/potential employer may wish to explore with the individual

A Red rating indicates there are major findings that would suggest a risk that the employer may wish to avoid

The specific details of websites/forums accessed; an individual’s security credentials and examples of sentiments expressed are not divulged within the report. Any illegal activity is reported appropriately.

To see our FAQs page for more information about employee reference checks, click here.